Board of Directors

  • Alan W. Milinazzo - Partner, Heidrick & Struggles
  • Paul A. Molloy - President and CEO, ClearFlow, Inc.
  • Thomas M. Patton - President and CEO, CASMED
  • Gregory P. Rainey - President, CCI Performance Group, LLC
  • James E. Thomas - Co-Founder, Thomas McNerney & Partners
  • Kathleen A. Tune - Managing Partner, Eyrie Partners
  • Kenneth R. Weisshaar - MedTech Executive (Retired)

Committees of the Board

The Board has standing Committees governed by written charters.

Nominating and Governance Committee. The Nominating and Governance Committee is composed of Messrs. Rainey, Thomas, and Weisshaar and is chaired by Mr. Rainey. Its functions are to develop and recommend to the Board and oversee implementation of the Company's corporate governance guidelines and principles; review on a periodic basis the overall effectiveness and/or appropriateness of the Company's corporate governance and recommend improvements when necesary; assist the Board in identifying, screening, and reviewing individuals qualified to serve as directors in accordance with criteria approved by the Board and shall recommend to the Board candidates for nomination for election at the annual meeting of shareholders or to fill Board vacancies; develop and recommend to the Board and oversee implementation of the Company's policies and procedures for the receipt of shareholder suggestions regarding Board composition and recommendations of candidates for nomination by the Board; and assist the Board in disclosing information relating to functions of the Committee as may be required in accordance with the federal securties laws. FOR MORE INFORMATION >

Compensation Committee. The Compensation Committee is composed of Messrs. Milinazzo, Rainey, and Thomas and is chaired by Mr. Thomas. Its functions are to review the Company's general compensation strategy, establish salaries and review benefit programs and certain other compensation plans, administer our equity compensation plans, and approve certain employment contracts. FOR MORE INFORMATION >

Audit Committee. The Audit Committee is composed of Messrs. Molloy and Weisshaar and Ms. Tune and is chaired by Mr. Weisshaar. Its primary responsibilities are to insure directors, regulators, and shareholders that the Company's financial accounting and reporting practices and its business controls are adequate and effective and that the Company is complying with applicable related rules and regulations. The Audit Committee is directly responsible for the appointment, compensation, and oversight of the audit and related work of our independent auditors. The Audit Committee reviews the degree of their independence; approves the scope of the audit engagement, including the cost of the audit; approves any non-audit services rendered by the auditors and the fees for these services; reviews with the auditors and management our policies and procedures with respect to internal accounting and financial controls and, upon completion of an audit, the results of the audit engagement; and reviews internal accounting and auditing procedures with our financial staff and the extent to which recommendations made by the independent auditors have been implemented. FOR MORE INFORMATION >