OEM NIBP Technology Our Proud History


Our Proud History ... "World's Best Blood Pressure Technology"

CAS Medical Systems, Inc. (CASMED) was founded in 1974 by Myron Cohen Ph.D. with the primary goal of developing leading edge solutions to the difficult problems associated with the accurate measurement of neonatal blood pressure.

CASMED became a public company in 1984 with a product line focused on non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) and blood pressure cuffs for neonates, later expanding our product offering to include NIBP for all patient populations.

Although our product offering has expanded to compatible products, our anchor technology continues to be non-invasive blood pressure technology. It is our expertise and passion.

Our MAXNIBP blood pressure technology continues to outpace the competitive offerings with advanced motion artifact tolerance, allowing us to produce an accurate blood pressure reading in the most challenging environments.

As an industry leader, CASMED is dedicated to the continued advancement of NIBP technology. We are committed to providing our customers with the most advanced, accurate and reliable system for measurement of non-invasive blood pressure.